Interstate 91 is one of the longest highways in the Northeast that runs primarily north and south and connects three New England states. As such, it is heavily traveled on a daily basis and can prove to be hazardous to Connecticut motorists as it has been the site of many serious car accidents. One recent series of events along the route resulted in the death of two people.

According to the police report, a motorist traveling in the southbound lanes somehow lost control of a vehicle and wound up colliding with the steel guardrail on the left hand shoulder. Another driver, who was headed northbound, either noticed the disabled car or witnessed the accident. The driver of the second car then pulled over to the right hand shoulder of the northbound lanes and crossed the highway on foot, presumably to offer assistance to the stranded motorist.

Once the 24-year-old driver was at the scene of the first accident, another vehicle traveling in the left lane of the southbound highway, struck the disabled car and the pedestrian. According to officials, the impact killed the driver of the wrecked car at the scene. The pedestrian was transported to a nearby medical center where he died from his injuries. Police stated that the driver of the third vehicle was uninjured.

Connecticut police are requesting additional information from possible witnesses regarding their investigation into this tragic series of events. It is unknown whether the third motorist will face any charges in connection with the crash. Anytime travelers suffer serious injuries as a result of car accidents, they — or their loved ones in the event there are fatalities — often sustain significant financial damages. If the accident can be attributed to negligence on the part of another, then survivors may seek recompense for those losses through the state’s civil justice system.