Stamford officials are actively working to improve pedestrian safety. While there has not been a recorded homicide in the city thus far this year, the same cannot be said for deaths caused by traffic accidents — specifically, those involving pedestrians. Those who have lost a loved one in Connecticut due to the negligence of another party may be entitled to file a wrongful death lawsuit in a civil court.

As of March, two pedestrians had been killed in Stamford motor vehicle crashes. Though the city is not the deadliest in the state as far as these types of tragedies, it is said to be gaining ground on New Haven. The city announced proactive steps to reduce the numbers of these types of accidents. The effort is being approached through a three-prong plan.

A new transportation chief plans to reset Stamford’s traffic lights, connecting City Hall to the traffic signals communication system.  Efforts are also being made to improve, and add to, the city’s sidewalks. Along with these measures, additional police patrols will seek to actively curtail the numbers of motorists who endanger pedestrians. Other plans include rewarding walkers who obey traffic laws and reprimanding those who don’t.

The city is also launching a public education campaign to increase awareness of the importance of obeying the laws that apply to pedestrians. City officials have lamented the problem posed by dangerous drivers and have compared the city to other hazardous metropolitan areas. Those in Connecticut who have lost a loved one due to a pedestrian accident must typically deal with the inevitable financial consequences at a time when they are struggling to cope with their grief. An experienced attorney can provide assistance in seeking compensation for those losses through a wrongful death civil claim against those deemed responsible.


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