One of the popular subjects for comics was seeing mail carriers come to grief from neighborhood hazards. Unfortunately, postal carriers face a real threat of serious injury from animal bites in the normal course of delivering mail. While the numbers of attacks have dropped around most of the country, workers in Connecticut are still suffering injuries from pets.

The United Postal Service recently reported that there were an estimated 500 fewer attacks on postal carriers than the previous year. However, there were still approximately 6,244 reports of dog bites inflicted on postal workers last year, with 77 of those attacks occurring in Connecticut. Of those 77 attacks, the top three cities were Hartford, Bridgeport and Danbury, respectively.

The USPS expressed optimism that these numbers can be reduced more in the coming years through education efforts and advances in technology. It also republished reminders to pet owners on ways they can help prevent these types of incidents. These tips included ensuring pets are safely confined before opening outer doors to accept packages. Parents were reminded to educate their children not to directly accept any mail from a letter carrier in the presence of their pet as a dog may interpret it as a threat to the child.

Even though the numbers of workers injured by pets has dropped, when a victim suffers a serious bite injury, the physical and psychological effects can last for years. Along with the physical pain from injuries inflicted by animal bites, victims may also sustain monetary damages from extensive medical treatments and lost wages. Connecticut is a strict liability state, which means that owners are liable for the damage their pets inflict through unprovoked attacks. An experienced attorney can provide assistance in filing a successful claim for recompense for documented losses.

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