One’s daily routine often comes with a feeling of security that the day’s events will unfold without any unsettling surprises. Unfortunately, even the most mundane day can become a terrifying ordeal in the aftermath of becoming a victim of a dog attack. Recently, one Connecticut man suffered serious injuries from animal bites as he went about his normal routine.

According to the report, a 59-year-old man was on his way to the local train station when he became aware of the sound of barking dogs. As he turned to locate the source of the sound, he spotted two animals approaching rapidly. One of the two animals then launched itself at him and grasped him by the upper leg.

The victim suffered a serious bite wound to the thigh that was described as bleeding heavily. Emergency providers transported the man to a local medical center for treatment. According to bystanders, both dogs are seen running at large on a regular basis. The owner reportedly stated that the animals were confined to his property by a wire-type leash, but managed to escape.

The offending dog has a previous record of inflicting bites and will be confined at the local animal shelter for two weeks under quarantine while awaiting proof of required vaccinations. The victim may require some time to recover from his animal bites as well as the psychological impact that these types of attacks often cause. Regardless of whether the owner faces any criminal charges, Connecticut is a strict liability state that holds owners responsible for the damage their pets cause through unprovoked attacks. Victims may choose to seek recovery of their monetary damages through the state’s civil courts.

Source:, “Commuter bit by dog walking to Fairfield Metro, police say“, Genevieve Reilly, March 29, 2018