In today’s pet obsessed culture, one of the draws in many communities is the presence of dog parks and other areas where pets are permitted. Unfortunately, these types of environments often come with a high risk for visitors or their pets to become victims of unprovoked animal bites. In response to increased incidents, one Connecticut town announced it was taking a tougher stance in order to prevent these and other issues.

The town of Fairfield issued a statement that it would now be pursuing a zero tolerance approach to infractions of the Town Code concerning dogs at all parks throughout the community. Residents have recently reported an increase in animal aggression, along with nuisance-related complaints at various parks throughout the region. Several incidents involved attacks upon both people and their dogs by other pets that were not properly restrained.

Town officials will be increasing patrols at all public facilities where pets are currently permitted access in an effort to curb the chances of any unprovoked attacks. In addition to ensuring that leash laws are properly observed, animal control officers will also be enforcing licensing and vaccinations requirements. In addition, officers will be looking for any other possible violations of the local code.

The goal behind these renewed enforcement patrols is to prevent the physical and emotional harm that is inflicted when one becomes a victim of animal bites. Connecticut is a strict liability state which means that pet owners can be held liable for any harm their pets cause to others through an unprovoked incident. The trauma that mauling victims endure often leads to financial damages in the form of medical expenses, physical therapy and lost wages. Victims may wish to consult with an experienced personal injury attorney in order to determine the best options for seeking recompense for the financial harm they have sustained.

Source: Fairfield, CT Patch, “Dog Attacks Prompt Strict Animal Control Enforcement In Fairfield“, Vincent Salzo, Feb. 26, 2018