Before a recent Friday evening, one city in Connecticut had already tallied nine traffic related deaths for 2017. Unfortunately, one more victim was added to that tragic count after a hit-and-run incident. Once all of the information is gathered, the surviving family may have a basis for filing a wrongful death claim against the party or parties responsible for this tragic collision.

Connecticut officials responded to the scene of the accident where a 66-year-old man was found suffering from a catastrophic head injury. He was reportedly walking along a local roadway in the early evening hours. According to a spokesperson with law enforcement, it is believed that a driver of a silver or gray colored vehicle struck the man.

The driver did not stop to render aid or report the accident as required by law. Emergency crews transported the critically injured man to a local hospital, but his injuries proved to be too severe. He was pronounced dead at St. Vincent’s Hospital. Police are still investigating and are soliciting tips and information from the public.

Once the driver responsible for this fatal wreck is found, it is likely he or she will face criminal charges for fleeing the scene of an accident. In the meantime, the victim’s family are left hoping that justice can be achieved while also grieving the loss of their loved one. In addition to the emotional harm they are suffering, they may also be struggling with the burden of medical bills and other accident-related costs. Families who face these difficult circumstances can consult with an attorney about the feasibility of filing a wrongful death suit against the party or parties believed responsible. When these claims are navigated successfully, they may result in the reimbursement of monetary damages incurred.

Source:, “Pedestrian killed in Bridgeport hit-and-run accident“, Pat Tomlinson and Tara O’Neill, Dec. 30, 2017