Connecticut residents are aware of the danger posed by large commercial vehicles and they likely drive with caution whenever they encounter these vehicles on the roads. Unfortunately, even the most diligent driver can become a victim of a fatal wreck when his or her automobile is struck by these larger vehicles. Recently, a family filed a wrongful death suit against a company when its driver killed a loved one.

The deadly wreck occurred in May of last year. According to the police investigation, the collision was the fault of the driver of a large dump truck who ran into the car driven by a 69-year-old woman. The 30-year-old driver was charged with failure to stop at a red traffic signal along with criminal misconduct by vehicle, which lead to the woman’s fatal injuries.

The driver recently had a court hearing concerning the charges during which he elected to enter a no contest plea. As part of the plea agreement, he is expected to serve a five-year prison sentence. The official sentencing hearing is to be held in February.

The victim’s family filed their wrongful death suit against the owner of the driver’s truck. They are alleging that the vehicle was not road worthy and that the driver was not qualified to drive the commercial vehicle. Any time a Connecticut family suffers this type of tragic loss due to the suspected negligence of another party, they are likewise entitled to seek relief for their monetary damages through this type of civil litigation. An experienced personal injury attorney can provide information and guidance throughout the entire process.

Source: US News & World Report, “Dump Truck Driver Pleads No Contest in Deadly Crash“, Jan. 2, 2018