When the news features reports of a wreck involving more than one vehicle, thoughts may immediately turn to concerns over the physical well-being of any victims. While it is true that car accidents often result in physical injuries that will heal over time, they may also create a financial hardship that is not felt until a few weeks or months after the initial incident. One recent crash in Connecticut may leave serious monetary damages in its wake for the victims involved.

Connecticut officials received reports of a traffic incident that purportedly involved a transit bus and two passenger vehicles. There was at least one witness who stated that there were additional vehicles involved, but police did not confirm that claim. One passenger on the bus stated that the wreck was caused by the bus driver failing to obey a traffic signal.

According to the initial reports, seven people were injured in the collision. Four of the bus passengers were transported for emergency care, as were three other individuals from the two confirmed cars involved. Though none of the injuries were believed to be life-threatening, there were no other details concerning the nature or severity of any of the injuries.

Both transit officials as well as Connecticut police officers expected to review video footage from the bus to determine the cause of this accident. Though none of the injured were thought to have sustained critical injuries, some of the victims may face a long recovery and rehabilitation period. Furthermore, in addition to their physical injuries, the victims may have sustained monetary damages from property damages, medical expenses and possibly lost wages. Victims who have suffered injuries from car accidents that were the fault of another party may decide to seek compensation for their documented losses through the filing of personal injury claims through the civil court system.

Source: ctpost.com, “Multi-car collision in Bridgeport sends 7 to the hospital“, Pat Tomlinson, Jan. 20, 2018