There are few scenarios in life that can turn a family’s life upside down like a sudden and tragic accident. When a loved one is lost due to these horrifying events, there are often more than the physical losses and emotional pain for survivors to deal with in the month and years ahead. At these times, Connecticut families may consider their options for recovering their monetary losses through a wrongful death claim.

Recently, a truck driver had a court appearance related to a deadly accident in 2014. According to the accident report at the time, the trucker, who is now 62, was operating his semi on Interstate 95 when there was a slowdown in traffic flow ahead of him. Apparently, he failed to take actions to slow his vehicle in an effort to avoid a collision.

His big rig forcefully into the rear of several vehicles that were in the lane ahead of him. That impact resulted in the deaths of a 26-year-old father as well as his two children who were aged 3 and 9. The deceased father’s fiance, who was driving the car, suffered serious injuries in the crash.

The trucker entered a guilty plea for negligent homicide. His sentencing is scheduled for late January at which time he could face a nine-month sentence as well as possibly other consequences. The victim who survived this horrific collision has likely had a long and difficult recovery. When Connecticut residents find themselves caught up in these nightmares, they may be unsure as to how to seek relief for the financial damages that often accompany these types of crashes. A successfully navigated wrongful death or personal injury lawsuit may result in reimbursement of documented monetary damages.

Source:, “Man pleads guilty for role in deadly tractor-trailer crash”, Nov. 15, 2017