Recently, the half-brother of a Connecticut police officer was charged with negligent homicide after hitting a woman in a crosswalk and fleeing the scene. The officer is also being investigated for his role in the events following the collision. Though many victims or their families may be able to file for monetary damages after these types of car accidents, there are certain conditions that must be met.

According to the investigators, the fatal accident occurred in the early pre-dawn hours of a recent Saturday. Video footage collected from the surrounding cameras purportedly showed the victim attempting to cross at a crosswalk while the “do not walk” sign was illuminated. As the 58-year-old woman was approaching the opposite sidewalk, the charged man was proceeding down the street on a green light. The video recorded the driver hitting the victim, with the impact throwing the victim an estimated 50 feet. The driver reportedly touched his brakes and then fled the scene.

The woman died from severe trauma to her head and body. The driver claimed that he was returning home from a bar but that he did not imbibe any alcoholic beverages. Footage from the establishment does show him with a suspected mixed drink in his possession. His half-brother, who is a Connecticut policeman, stated that the man had had one beverage and then water the rest of the evening.

The officer is likewise being investigated by the Internal Affairs division for the role he is alleged to have played that evening. The driver could also face additional charges once the investigation is completed. The victim’s family may choose to consult with an experienced wrongful death attorney as to the possibility of filing a claim against the parties involved. In Connecticut, which has a modified comparative negligence law, victims of car accidents may not be more than 51 percent at fault in order to file a civil suit for monetary damages. A skilled attorney may prove to be an invaluable aid in establishing whether a victim was less at fault than a driver who hit them.

Source: NBC Connecticut, “Family Member of Hartford Police Officer Charged in Fatal Hit-and-Run“, Nov. 22, 2017