One of the few places that provide a sense of security and safety is the confines of one’s home and surrounding property. When that sense of sanctuary is defiled by unexpected violence, then the emotional aftermath can leave lasting scars. Recently, one Connecticut woman and her pet were the victims of serious animal bites from a trespassing dog.

The police report stated that the woman and her own pet dog were outside in her yard when the attack occurred. When the invading dog launched an attack upon the woman’s pet, she rushed to her dog’s defense. During her attempts to rescue her pet, the attacking pit bull then turned its aggression on her. She suffered what was described as a serious wound to her hand in the incident.

The victim was able to summon assistance by dialing emergency dispatch. She was transported to a local medical center for treatment of her hand injury. Her pet also required emergency care for the wounds it suffered. It was determined that the offending animal had escaped from its owner while on a walk.

Veterinarian records showed that the dog did have up-to-date vaccinations, which spared the woman the ordeal of undergoing painful and costly rabies prevention treatment. Connecticut officials are still conducting their investigation, and it is possible that the owner of the pit bull may face charges in connection to this unprovoked attack. State laws dictate that an owner is responsible for any animal bites that their pet inflicts on an innocent victim. Those who suffer the physical pain and emotional trauma of an attack may choose to file a personal injury claim against the party deemed responsible in an effort to recover the financial losses he or she may have sustained as a direct result of these terrifying and unwarranted attacks.  

Source: New London, CT Patch, “Pit Bull Attacks Woman And Her Dog: New London Police,” Brian McCready, Dec. 3, 2017