Just as parents are held accountable for ensuring that their children receive all of the medical care they require for good health, pet owners are likewise required to make sure that their pets are immunized and licensed. When a pet attacks an innocent person, the resulting animal bites may carry more risks than the physical wounds. One Connecticut woman recently faced not only the bite wounds but was also advised to receive rabies shots.

The attack occurred when the woman was walking down a street past a multi-family home that housed a pit-bull type dog. According to reports, the animal was normally confined and was used to help guard the property. However, on this particular day, the dog was able to escape the confines of the yard and attacked the woman as she was passing by the property.

The woman suffered several deep lacerations on her leg and claims she was able to prevent a more serious attack by scaring the animal off enough in order to give her time to get a safe distance away. However, when animal control officers responded to a report of the attack, it was determined that the animal lacked updated vaccination for the rabies virus. The pet also reportedly attempted to attack the officer. The woman was advised to receive the shots but she declined on fears of complications and the cost of the vaccines.

The dog was taken for quarantine for two weeks and is scheduled for euthanasia at the owner’s decision after it is cleared. The woman who was attacked may suffer lingering pain for weeks to come, as animal bites can cause serious problems such as infections and deep tissue damage. Though this Connecticut victim may not have suffered extensive injuries, residents who have endured a serious attack may seek compensation for their documented monetary damages through the filing of a personal injury civil suit.

Source: stamfordadvocate.com, “Unlicensed pit bull attacks woman in Stamford,” Liz Skalka, Oct. 17, 2017