According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the numbers of fatal crashes has risen. While some communities in Connecticut have been able to take steps to reduce deadly car accidents, other sections of the state have seen an increase. Many of these towns are implementing plans to help prevent their citizens from becoming victims of these wrecks.

Overall, the country has seen an increase of an estimated 5.6 percent in the numbers of fatal crashes. However, Connecticut has experienced a much larger jump at an estimated 10 percent over the same time period. While it would appear from police reports that the numbers of crashes attributed to distracted driving have decreased, a spokesperson from AAA stated that police are not always able to discern whether a driver was distracted by any cabin features, including the on-board entertainment and satellite features. Furthermore, the number of drivers who are under the influence of intoxicating substances has also risen.

Crashes involving pedestrians and motorcycles are more likely in recent years to involve fatal injuries, according to national statistics. Additionally, drivers are still speeding and are not using the safety restraints, which can also contribute to the numbers of deaths. In the Connecticut towns where the numbers of fatal accidents have increased, police are stepping up their enforcement patrols, which have been effective in some instances. In other areas where an overgrowth of vegetation can contribute to poor visibility, efforts have been made to engage property owners in clearing obstructions.

While there are many factors that can lead to serious or fatal car accidents, the result is often tragedy. Families who have lost loved ones to these often preventable wrecks may mourn their losses for years to come. Along with the physical loss and emotional pain, they may also have sustained significant monetary damages. In these situations, families who have evidence that the crash was caused by the actions of another party may choose to pursue a wrongful death claim. When these suits are successful, compensation may be awarded that can offset the burden of those financial losses.

Source:, “State, region see uptick in crash fatalities“, Lindsay Boyle, Oct. 13, 2017