In spite of the increased numbers of commercial vehicle traffic on Connecticut’s highways, there are still some roadways where these large vehicles are banned. Many of these roads are spanned by overpasses that were not designed for large trucks and are prohibited based on height restrictions. After one man was killed in a crash that was related to this ban, the family may choose to see if there is a legal recourse for filing a wrongful death claim.

The wreck reportedly was caused when a driver of a tractor-trailer illegally entered the restricted highway. As the driver approached the overpass, he apparently realized that his vehicle would not clear the structure. The driver, who was from out of state, then applied his brakes abruptly. The man in the car traveling behind the truck then slammed into the rear of the commercial vehicle.

According to the Connecticut Department of Transportation, there are plans in place to replace the signs that warn truckers and other drivers of the height restrictions on the appropriate roadways. There are an estimated 32 miles of Merritt highway that require replacement signs along with revised language that clarifies the types of vehicles that are prohibited along the freeway, which is described as a scenic route. Emergency dispatchers receive calls on a regular basis concerning prohibited traffic that has entered the highway.

The majority of violators are reportedly either commercial drivers who are from out of state or others who may be driving box trucks that are believed to be exempt from the ban. While the majority of crashes that are caused by oversized vehicles do not result in serious injuries, there is always the risk of a fatal accident such as the one that claimed the life of the victim earlier this month. Whenever a victim has died as the result of negligence on the part of another party or parties, the surviving family may seek recourse for their financial losses through the filing of a wrongful death civil suit.

Source:, “Fatal Greenwich accident underscores trucks not fit for Merritt,” Cedar Attanasio and John Nickerson, Nov. 3, 2017