Social media platforms carry an infinite number of videos that feature animals and children interacting in a variety of settings. Though house pets are expected to behave in a certain manner with youngsters, the fact remains that any pet is capable of inflicting serious animal bites. Recently, one Connecticut neighborhood was shocked by an attack on a child.

The victim, an 11-year-old boy, was heard by a neighbor when he started screaming. The man hurried from his home to see the child being attacked by a pit-bull type dog. The animal was biting the boy about his face. The man then rushed to the child’s defense.

He tried to kill the animal in an effort to free the child. After he kicked the dog off of the boy, he then held on to it in order to allow the victim the opportunity to return to his home for assistance. The dog was then collected and is currently being held under quarantine for observation while attempts are made to locate the dog’s owner or other person responsible for its care.

Fortunately, the boy is expected to survive his serious injuries. Neighbors reported that the animal was not known by them nor did they have any inclination as to what led to the ferocious attack. Victims who suffer serious injuries from animal bites may never fully recover from the attacks as the physical and psychological damage may linger for years to come. Those in Connecticut who have suffered unprovoked bites may pursue compensation for monetary losses under the state’s strict liability dog bit law, which provides that an animal’s owner is responsible for the damages inflicted. An experienced personal injury attorney can help aggrieved parties pursue legal recourse through the state’s civil justice system. 

Source: NBC Connecticut, “Pit Bull Bites 11-Year-Old Boy’s Face in New Haven“, Leslie Maye, Nov. 11, 2017