One of the greatest responsibilities a pet owner faces is ensuring that his or her pet does not cause harm to innocent victims. While most state that their dogs do not pose a threat, any animal is capable of inflicting serious animal bites under the wrong circumstances. Recently, a Connecticut judge ordered a pet owner to pay a victim for the harm she suffered in an attack.

The victim, who was a 10-year-old child at the time, suffered several serious wounds in 2014 when the owner’s dog launched an attack. The incident occurred at the victim’s home and was described as an unprovoked attack at the time. It was purportedly determined that the child did not in any way purposefully incite the aggressive behavior in the animal.

The girl required in-patient care for the treatment of a facial laceration, a large open wound on her forehead region and a torn earlobe. While the patient is recovering from her physical injuries, she is still receiving treatment for her post traumatic stress disorder that was caused by the vicious attack. The now teen victim is also coping with scar tissue and anxiety issues.

The judge ruled that the dog owner must pay approximately $130,000 to the victim for compensation for the physical injuries and emotional trauma she has suffered. It was unclear whether the woman still retains ownership of the dog involved in the attack. Anytime a seemingly docile pet causes serious animal bites, victims may struggle for years to recover both physically and psychologically. Connecticut residents are assured of the right to seek recompense for the financial losses that often result from the costly medical bills, possible therapy and lost wages. 

Source: U.S. News & World Report, “Judge orders dog owner to pay attack victim $130,000,” Aug. 17, 2017