Motorcycle enthusiasts are aware of the dangers they face as they indulge in their passion for these two-wheeled vehicles. However, even the most experienced rider is not immune to the hazards posed by other motorists. One of the most common and deadly causes of Connecticut motorcycle accidents is drivers failing to yield the right-of-way to oncoming motorcycles.

Recently, another one of these tragic crashes took the life of a biker. According to police, the latest victim was a 38-year-old man. The accident occurred at a local intersection in the late afternoon hours. Purportedly, the motorcycle was headed in a west bound direction headed toward the intersection. A vehicle that was being driven by a 70-year-old woman made a left turn directly into his path.

The biker was unable to take action to avoid colliding with the car. His motorcycle struck the vehicle along the side. Connecticut emergency responders were called to the scene, but, unfortunately, the victim’s injuries were too severe, and he was pronounced deceased at the scene. His remains were transported directly to the coroner’s office.

It is unclear at this time whether this motorist will face criminal charges regarding this fatal wreck. Motorcycle accidents occur much too frequently, and the cause is often attributed to the other drivers. Though officials do not always file charges against these motorists, families who have lost a loved one to these often avoidable collisions may still have recourse to relieve the pressure from the monetary damages that tend to quickly accrue and compound the pain and stress that surviving families face. A successful civil claim may result in compensation that eases the burdens these financial losses impose.

Source:, “Police ID Motorcyclist Killed in Hamden Crash“, Sept. 5, 2017