Many people devote much time and attention to their four-legged companions. However, no matter how much they are doted on, these pets are still capable of inflicting grievous injuries. There have been several recent accounts of Connecticut victims suffering serious animal bites when dogs were able to escape from their homes or owners.

Recently, one dog owner was sentenced for her role after two of her pets mauled a woman. The victim, who was working as an in-home caregiver, was viciously attacked by two of the owner’s five large breed dogs. The victim lost her nose and suffered horrific injuries to portions of her face as well as significant damage to her arm.

According to impact statements made during the sentencing phase of the recent trial, the victim has not fully recovered from the mauling and she has been irretrievably harmed by this terrifying ordeal. The judge in the case handed down a sentence of 60 days in jail for the owner’s role in this attack. Purportedly, she intends to appeal that sentence and she will remain free on bond while it is in progress.

The two Rottweilers responsible for the vicious attack were euthanized. A relative of the victim stated in court that the trial was not geared toward seeking revenge but only as a means of teaching owners to be responsible for their pets. In addition to any criminal charges that negligent pet owners face, Connecticut victims who have suffered serious injuries caused by animal bites are further entitled to seek financial compensation for the monetary losses they sustain from on-going medical bills, lost wages and any other associated costs.

Source:, “Woman sentenced in dog attack case in Plainfield,” Aug. 4, 2017