Life can change in the blink of an eye. The most routine decisions — such as waiting at a bus stop — have the potential to end in a tragic death when the actions of one or more individuals put others in jeopardy. One Connecticut family may seek closure and justice by means of a wrongful death suit after losing a cherished family member.

On a seemingly ordinary Tuesday in July, a 56-year-old mother and grandmother of nine, who was at a bus stop, was struck by an automobile. The driver and passengers reportedly did not stop to render aid or report the accident. The victim was left lying where she was hit until help was finally summoned for her. She was transported to a nearby facility where she remained a patient for several days for treatment of her severe injuries.

Unfortunately, the woman died from complications related to her wounds. Police reported that through eyewitness accounts and video footage, they were able to track down one of the parties deemed responsible for the victim’s death. They are still seeking information in order to identify and locate the five other individuals believed to be involved in this fatal accident.

The family of the victim are outraged and devastated by their loss. The individual who has been arrested is facing multiple charges including first-degree assault, evading responsibility and reckless driving in connection with this deadly pedestrian collision. In addition to urging Connecticut officials to locate the remaining individuals believed to be involved, the family may also choose to obtain information relating to the filing of a wrongful death suit. While nothing can relieve the emotional harm that has been inflicted, a successful civil suit could possibly alleviate the stress caused by the monetary damages they have sustained through the numerous medical bills, final expenses and other losses they have have suffered.

Source:, “Teen charged in hit-and-run of Hartford pedestrian,” July 30, 2017