Losing a loved one is one of the most difficult things to accept. When that loss is the result of the actions or negligence of another, the pain the survivors feel may be even worse. In those circumstances, there are often monetary damages that accompany the loss that need to be dealt with somehow. If there is sufficient evidence to show that another party caused the death, then Connecticut families may choose to file a wrongful death claim in an effort to recover some of those damages.

Last year, Connecticut police were in pursuit of a teen who was traveling at a high rate of speed. In the driver’s attempts to elude the officials, he purportedly lost control of his vehicle. It continued along its path until it collided with a tree.

After the teen driver hit the tree, he then exited the car and escaped capture on foot. The passenger who was in the car was killed upon impact with the tree. According to the police, the driver later presented himself to them and surrendered. He later decided to enter a guilty plea to manslaughter charges in connection with the death of his passenger.

The now 18-year-old agreed to a plea deal that purportedly required him to serve 36 months in jail and a 48 month probation term. The official sentencing was scheduled for August but was recently rescheduled for early September. The family of the victim who died may be anxiously waiting for the criminal phase of this ordeal to be concluded. However, they may have also filed a wrongful death claim against the parties who may bear responsibility for this tragic loss.When these civil cases are ruled in favor of the victims’ families, the resulting monetary compensation may allow the families to eliminate the burdens caused by their financial losses.

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