Few things can alter a life more than a seemingly random accident. Though car accidents take a heavy toll on one’s physical health, the lives of victims are often shattered in many other ways. A recent Connecticut accident may leave one woman struggling to recover not just physically and emotionally, but financially as well.

According to the police, the woman was attempting to cross a local roadway. She was purportedly using the designated pedestrian crossing. A car traveling down the street struck the woman.

The unidentified woman was critically injured in the impact. She was transported to a medical facility best equipped to treat her serious injuries. The local turnpike was closed for several hours by Connecticut officials while they conducted their investigation.

Neither the woman’s age nor current condition were disclosed by the report, and it is unknown whether the driver of the car will face any charges related to this terrible collision. The victim — provided her injuries are survivable — will likely face a long and arduous recovery. In addition to the serious physical wounds the victim suffered, she, like the majority of victims of these tragic car accidents, also most likely sustained overwhelming monetary damages. A lengthy recovery often exceeds allotted sick time and requires an employee to take unpaid leave from work, which results in lost wages and mounting expenses. When these accidents are caused by the actions or negligence on the part of another party, the victims (or in the case of a fatal accident, surviving family members) are entitled to file a personal injury civil suit in an attempt to recover their financial losses.

Source: nbcconnecticut.com, “Woman Critically Injured After Being Hit by Car in Vernon“, July 8, 2017