When you got out of bed that day, you had no way of knowing that your life would change forever. The call that your beloved family member was killed in an accident may be the worst news you will ever hear. If that death was the result of a suspected wrongful death, then the shock may be tinged with anger and frustration as well. Like you, other Connecticut families who have faced this horrible reality may not have known where to begin when trying to rebuild their lives.

These tragic deaths can be the result of any type of accident — whether it be a traffic or work related accident — and possibly the worst aspect may be the suspicion that the death was caused by the negligence or willful actions of another party. Once the news has sunk in, you may feel lost and unsure of what comes next. Deciding on final arrangements and how to get through each day may be the best you can hope for from one moment to the next. Unfortunately, there are other details and worries that will need to be attended to as soon as you are able.

Not only are you without the companionship of your loved one, you may also have sustained heavy financial losses as the result of the untimely death. If your loved one was a major breadwinner, you may now be left trying to figure out how you will keep the lights on and food on the table along with obtaining the other necessities of daily life while paying medical costs and final arrangement expenses. In these cases, you may consider whether a civil suit can be filed against the parties who may have been responsible for your loss.

Filing a wrongful death suit can seem like a complicated undertaking. However, Connecticut residents do have compassionate and skilled professionals who are experienced in helping you in all stages of the process. If a judge determines that your loved one died as a result of the actions of another party, then you may be awarded compensation that can help alleviate the tremendous financial pressure, allowing you to focus on loved ones who are counting on you in these difficult times.