America’s love affair with its pets is well-known and usually encouraged. Nevertheless, pets are still animals and, in the wrong circumstances, could end causing you or a loved one to suffer from serious animal bites. Connecticut hospitals treat their share of these types of injuries.

If you have suffered a dog bite, then you are likely well aware of the many complications that victims can suffer. It is enough that you have the physical pain to handle, but there is also the emotional suffering and financial stress to endure. If your injury is extensive, or if it was your child who was bitten, then there may also be plastic surgery or reconstructive procedures that may need to be performed — often over a period of time.

These operations are difficult enough to handle. Add in the financial damages and it may feel like the animal attack has torn a chunk out of your entire life. You may find that you cannot return to work for an extensive period of time or that you will require modified duties until you have healed sufficiently. Along with the open wounds, stitches, dressings and overall pain and soreness, you find yourself worrying about how you are going to keep your financial affairs in order, particularly in view of the mounting medical bills.

There is also the emotional suffering you and/or your loved one may have to face. The sight or sound of a dog may send you or the victim into panic mode — which is a terrible way to live when there are dogs everywhere. If you are living this nightmare now, a personal injury attorney in Connecticut can help you pursue claims for monetary damages. Animal bites do much more damage than the physical wounds, and an attorney who is experienced with these types of injuries may be able to help secure compensation.