No matter the type of motor vehicle one chooses for transportation, there is an ever-present risk of being involved in an accident. When a fatal wreck is the result of negligence or willful actions on the part of another party, then the victim’s surviving family could elect to pursue a wrongful death suit. One Connecticut family may decide to take such a step after their tragic loss.

According to the police, a 47-year-old man was operating his motorized scooter lawfully along a local road. As he was traveling according to the posted limits, a driver of a larger vehicle was quickly approaching. That driver’s vehicle then struck the scooter. The rider was killed in the collision.

Connecticut officials have now filed several charges against the 27-year-old man whose vehicle hit the scooter. Police indicated that the driver was exceeding the posted speed by more than 24 mph. He is charged with negligent vehicular homicide along with reckless driving and two other charges. The accident occurred earlier this year.

The family who lost their loved one may never fully recover from their loss. These types of accidents are senseless wrecks that are avoidable if motorists take the proper precautions and follow the traffic laws. The family appear to have grounds for a wrongful death civil lawsuit, which would be filed separately from the criminal charges that the local officials have already filed against the driver. While no legal actions can undo the events that have already taken place, a successful claim may allow the family to recoup some of the monetary damages sustained as a result of this tragic and untimely death.

Source: Stratford, CT Patch, “Arrest Made in Fatal Crash: Stratford PD“, Rich Scinto, May 2, 2017