In spite of many safety campaigns throughout the years, many motorists still seem to overlook those who share the roads with them. Unfortunately, there are many motorcyclists who are killed in motorcycle accidents in Connecticut every year. Recently, officials filed charges against a woman believed to be responsible for one of these tragic deaths.

The woman was recently arrested for a fatal accident that occurred in the fall of last year. The wreck occurred when the woman purportedly crossed over the dividing line and crashed into a large group of motorcyclists. The wreck resulted in the death of a 33-year-old mother. Her husband suffered serious injuries in the crash, and another victim lost a lower leg to amputation after he was seriously hurt. Emergency responders described an accident scene that appeared in turmoil with bikes, vehicles and injured riders scattered across the road.

Police have apparently spent several months investigating this deadly wreck. Thus far, it was reported that the driver was under the influence of alcohol as her blood level was at 0.09, which exceeds the legal limit. She also had two previous DUI charges, one in Connecticut and one in New York. A worker who was at her residence that day purportedly witnessed the woman walking with an unsteady gait that belied her ability to safely operate a vehicle. It was further stated that there were wine containers and a prescription medication bottle found near the scene that allegedly belonged to the driver.

The woman was arrested on charges that included manslaughter and assault for the deadly crash that stole a mother from three children. Motorcycle accidents often cause other Connecticut families to suffer similar losses every year. The victims in this particular wreck are assured the right to contact a personal injury attorney who can provide assistance in filing civil suits against the party or parties who are liable for this senseless accident in order to recoup some of the monetary damages they have sustained.

Source:, “Woman charged in fatal motorcycle crash had prior DUIs“, Dirk Perrefort, Feb. 27, 2017