Most young people dream of the day when they can get their driver’s license and experience freedom to go as they please. However, so many car accidents seem to involve a disproportionate number of drivers 25 and under. Connecticut police recently arrested a younger driver who purportedly killed a woman last May.

The fatal accident occurred in the early evening. Police responded to a call that a woman had been a victim of a pedestrian accident. According to the account, a man driving a sedan struck the victim and continued away from the accident scene. The 54-year-old woman was transported to a local medical facility where she was later pronounced deceased.

The driver was only recently charged in this fatal accident. Along with the accident, Connecticut officials stated that evidence suggested that the 25-year-old man proceeded to clean his vehicle and then concealed the car, which has resulted in additional charges. It is unclear how the driver was finally apprehended. He is currently out on bail and is awaiting further legal proceedings.

Though there are criminal charges against the man who police believe responsible for the victim’s death, the family may elect to also pursue a civil case against him. Though nothing can ever fill the void left by these senseless and often preventable car accidents, a successful civil suit can at least relieve the financial pressures that often compound the pain. Any family who has suffered this type of loss may elect to seek the advice of a personal injury attorney who can assist them in filing these types of civil suits.

Source:, “Arrest made in Shelton fatal accident“, Michael P. Mayko, March 9, 2017