With high gas prices and heavy traffic, more and more people are choosing to walk instead of drive. Choosing the sidewalk over the road may have many benefits, but it can also put a person’s safety at risk. Even if a pedestrian is extremely careful while walking near traffic, being able to react to a fast moving car can be difficult. Recent reports in Connecticut suggest a high increase in car accidents involving pedestrians.

Many places across the country have crosswalks and traffic lights in place to allow pedestrians to cross streets. Steps have been taken to make walking near traffic much safer. Unfortunately, all it takes is one negligent driver to seriously injure or even kill a pedestrian. A distracted driver or someone who is driving under the influence are just two examples of drivers that put others at risk, and for someone who is out walking, this can be especially dangerous.

It only takes a moment of distraction for a car to go off course. In some cases, this moment may be harmless and uneventful, but if someone is walking nearby, it could end catastrophically. It can be difficult for a person to react to a moving vehicle, and getting hit by a car often leads to serious injury no matter how fast the car is going.

Pedestrians want to feel safe when walking from place to place, but they cannot control the actions of others. Many car accidents involving pedestrians end in serious injury or even death. If a person in Connecticut is injured by a negligent driver, legal action may be sought against the wrongful party. A successful claim may provide financial restitution for any medical bills, and it may also help bring closure to a traumatic event.

Source: nhregister.com, “Connecticut sees rise in pedestrian deaths; New Haven continues to work on traffic-calming“, Anna Bisaro and Sam Norton, Jan. 28, 2017