People get hurt everyday in some of the most unexpected places. Accidents do happen that are no one’s fault, it’s true. However, there are accidents that can be considered the result of property owner negligence. If you were injured while on someone else’s property, it is okay to question who is responsible. According to the state of Connecticut, it is also okay to pursue damages by filing a premises liability claim in civil court.

Anyone who owns property, private or commercial, has a responsibility to keep it free of hazards. This means that is must be kept in good condition. If any problems are found, owners are to address them immediately, or at least provide adequate warning of the issue until it has been resolved. While this seems simple enough, property-related injuries still occur.

Premises liability claims may be filed following a number of accidents. Slip-and-fall accidents tend to be the most common. To see what other accidents types may justify a premises liability claim, please visit our firm’s website. Here you will also learn what elements are necessary to file such a claim and how an attorney can assist you as you seek relief for your losses.

Knowing when to file a premises liability claims is not always clear cut. An experienced attorney can investigate your claim and help you determine if legal action is in your best interests. Seeking relief for any losses suffered in a property-related accident is not an easy task. However, with assistance, you can take the steps necessary to file and litigate your case in a Connecticut civil court.