Millions of Americans are the proud owners of dogs. It is believed that there are nearly 70 millions dogs currently living in the country, quite a few of which can be found in Connecticut. Thankfully, there are numerous pet owners who never have issues with their animals being aggressive; however, there are those who do, and they may be held responsible when animal bites occur.

Animal bites are actually a very common problem. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that 4.5 million dog bites occur every single year. However, this number could be higher, as not all incidents are reported. 

Of the 4.5 million reported cases, 900,000 victims seek emergency medical care. Common issues following an animal attack include damage to skin, muscles, bones and nerves. Infections are also a problem after such an incident. Some victims of animal attacks may only require minor medical treatments, such as stitches and medications; however, approximately 27,000 victims suffer severe injuries and require extensive reconstructive surgery. 

Connecticut residents who have suffered injuries from animal bites can seek assistance in recouping their losses. An experienced personal injury attorney can help victims of such attacks file legal claims against the owners of the animals responsible for their injuries and with the owners’ insurance companies — if applicable. If taking such actions prove successful in court, it is possible for victims to achieve monetary relief for their economic losses — such as medical expenses and lost wages — and compensation for their non-economic losses as well — such as pain, suffering and emotional injuries.

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