It was recently reported that, a young Connecticut man was killed in a motorcycle wreck in East Granby. This incident is said to have occurred in the early evening of Tuesday, Oct. 25. Unfortunately, this outcome is a common one for motorcycle accidents.

According to a local news outlet, a 24-year-old male was riding his motorcycle near Bradley International Airport when the accident happened. He apparently collided with a small passenger car whose driver turned left in front of him. The young victim is said to have died at the scene of the crash.

The driver of the car — a 61-year-old male — had supposedly turned in front of the victim while exiting a gas station which is located on Rainbow Road. His vehicle was struck on the left side. He is said to have suffered minor injuries and was transported to a hospital for treatment. At this time, the accident is still under investigation. Authorities have not stated whether charges are pending in this case.

Motorcycle accidents occur far too frequently in Connecticut and elsewhere. Sadly, the outcomes are often fatal — such as in this case. The surviving family members of this victim may be entitled to pursue legal claims against the driver deemed responsible for this wreck. Wrongful death and any other applicable claims may be filed in an effort to seek compensation for the various losses they have experienced — such as funeral expenses and numerous other economic and non-economic damages. A monetary judgment may be ordered if litigation proves successful.

Source:, “Reports: Connecticut man, 24, killed in East Granby motorcycle accident near Bradley International Airport“, Patrick Johnson, Oct. 26, 2016