Event organizers and hosts of gatherings in Connecticut and other states are responsible for the safety of guests. Failure to ensure that all potential safety hazards are addressed can lead to premises liability lawsuits. An event-organizing company and a fraternity chapter in another state are currently facing such a lawsuit after a guest was injured at a frat party.

According to the complaint, the plaintiff attended a get-together that was hosted by the fraternity in the frat house’s back yard. As part of the services of the party-planning company, a drone was provided to hover above the guests to photograph those present. The person who was the remote handler of the drone was an employee of the event planners.

Shortly after arriving at the event, the plaintiff’s head was struck by a heavy object. A friend close by stopped her fall, but she suffered head wounds that bled profusely. It was then determined that the drone had fallen on her head. She was rushed to a hospital but contends that scars on her forehead and head will need plastic surgery to repair. Furthermore, she claims to suffer chronic headaches that compromise her ability to concentrate on her studies.

Just like this university student took action to pursue recovery of past and future financial and other damages, Connecticut victims of such accidents may follow suit. These claims can be complicated when it comes to the establishment of negligence. However, with the support and guidance of an experienced premises liability attorney, the claim may be successfully presented and it may lead to full restitution of damages sustained.

Source: mynewsla.com, “Drone falls on woman at USC frat party? Lawsuit!“, Debbie L. Sklar, Sept. 27, 2016