Every time a parent straps a child into a safety seat, it is done to keep the little one safe in the event of a crash. Sadly, when a tractor trailer smashes into a car, even a securely strapped-in baby is not likely to escape serious injuries — or even death in some cases. One Connecticut family may decide to file a wrongful death lawsuit after the death of their 3-month-old baby.

According to police in Plainfield, the tragedy occurred shortly after 2 p.m. on a recent Saturday. Reportedly, a mother was northbound on Interstate 395. For reasons yet to be determined, her car was rear-ended by a tractor trailer. Her vehicle was forced off the highway, and it stopped on the shoulder.

The baby was strapped into a child seat facing to the rear of the car. Reportedly, the mother suffered non-life threatening injuries, but the baby did not survive the crash. No mention is made of injuries suffered by the 44-year-old big rig driver. His truck came to a halt in a wooded area after traveling down a bank.

While nothing will ease their heartache, the parents of the deceased baby will be entitled to pursue recovery of their financial losses and the emotional damages they sustained. A wrongful death claim may be filed in a Connecticut civil court. In order for the court to determine financial liability, the plaintiffs will have to establish negligence on the part of the tractor trailer driver. This will allow the court to adjudicate the documented claims before entering a monetary judgment.

Source: world.einnews.com, “Baby dies in weekend traffic crash in Connecticut“, Sept. 12, 2016