Regardless of what type of facility business owners in Connecticut operate, those that allow the public to enter and move about the property are responsible for the safety of the visitors. If any sports activities are offered at the premises, keeping the property safe will involve more than just regular maintenance to address unsafe areas. Premises liability lawsuits may follow any injuries suffered by visitors.

A horse riding club in another state was recently sued by a 21-year-old woman who visits the club for training sessions. According to the complaint, the plaintiff went for horse riding lessons in September of 2014. While she was riding the horse, a water truck passed close by, driven by an employee of the club. She alleges that the vehicle backfired. The sudden noise caused the horse on which she was riding to panic and start galloping.

The unexpected gallop allegedly caused the rider to be thrown to the ground. She claims to have suffered pelvic and tailbone fractures. Along with the driver of the water truck, the company and several other employees are named as defendants. The plaintiff claims that the defendants were aware of the fact that horses are typically sensitive to sudden noises and could become frightened and act irrationally in such circumstances, endangering the riders.

Individuals in Connecticut who are suffering the consequences of injuries caused by the negligence of property owners may seek recovery of damages through the civil justice system. Premises liability claims may be filed against any parties deemed responsible for the injuries. Once negligence is established, the court will consider all documented claims that may include both financial and emotional damages sustained before awarding a monetary judgment.

Source:, “No horsing around: Truck backfire, thrown from saddle, injury lawsuit“, Ken Stone, Aug. 26, 2016