Many Connecticut residents may experience anxiety whenever they go for walks. One never knows whether dog owners will make sure their dogs are restrained on leashes, and it only takes one dog that acts aggressively to instigate others — sometimes with devastating consequences. Animal bites led to a lawsuit that was recently filed in another state after a woman and her dog were attacked by another person’s pet pit bull.

According to the lawsuit that was filed in August, the plaintiff claims to have gone walking with her dog on a wilderness trail in Oct. 2015. During their walk, the woman apparently noticed several dogs running toward her and her 6-month-old dog that was properly restrained. The complaint alleges that one of the unrestrained dogs was a pit bull that launched a vicious attack on the plaintiff’s dog.

Furthermore, it is alleged that the plaintiff’s attempts to save her dog caused the pit bull also to attack her. The owner of the attacking dog is accused of failing to ensure the dog had proper training and to keep it on a leash. She is also accused of failing to remove the potentially dangerous dog from a public area.

The injured woman chose to exercise her right to pursue financial relief for losses related to the injuries she suffered — both financial and emotional. Any victim of animal bites in Connecticut has that same right, particularly because applicable law mandates strict liability against the owners of dogs who bite. He or she may choose to utilize the support of an experienced personal injury attorney to navigate such a claim in a civil court on his or her behalf. Along with financial losses, legal costs and interest may also form part of the claims for damages.

Source:, “Galveston County woman blames dog owner for attack by pets“, Philip Gonzales, Sept. 7, 2016