The Connecticut Department of Transportation, along with police agencies, are in the middle of a crackdown operation to prevent distracted driving — particularly the use of mobile devices while driving. Authorities say a large number of car accidents in the state result from mobile phone distractions. Police in Berlin say this is the cause of the majority of the accidents that are reported in their area.

Authorities say drivers caught using hand-held mobile devices to talk, text, game or otherwise distract their attention can be ticketed, and fines can be substantial, depending on whether it is a first or subsequent offense. The development of games like Pokemon Go has reportedly increased the number of drivers using their cellphones while driving at all times of the day. Drivers may be so focused on their search for Pokemons that the traffic around them can become insignificant.

A similar initiative was conducted in April, and authorities reported that 12,000 citations were issued to violators of distracted driving laws in Connecticut during that crackdown. This is an indication of the dangers faced by motorists on the roads in Missouri. Many crashes — causing severe injuries and even fatalities — may be prevented by more drivers avoiding the use of cellphones while operating vehicles.

Injured victims of car accidents — or the surviving family members of those who lost their lives — may hold distracted drivers accountable for losses and damages. Personal injury and/or wrongful death claims may be filed in a Connecticut civil court, but negligence will have to be proved. This may be difficult, but with the help of an experienced personal injury attorney who can subpoena phone records, it may be easier to establish negligence.

Source:, “Berlin cops cracking down on distracted drivers“, Jenna Deangelis, Aug. 3, 2016