It is not uncommon for motorcycles to go unnoticed by drivers of larger vehicles. With little or no protection, victims of motorcycle accidents often suffer catastrophic injuries or worse. Such was the case recently when a motorcycle carrying a Connecticut rider and a passenger was struck by a large truck.

Reportedly, the incident occurred in Bristol on a recent Friday afternoon. According to a preliminary accident report, a 31-year-old New Britain driver of a Waste Management truck was traveling on a local street when he proceeded to turn left onto another road. Without yielding, the truck driver allegedly slammed into a motorcycle.

The 49-year-old biker and his 41-year-old female companion both suffered critical injuries. The man succumbed to his injuries soon after being admitted to a hospital in Bristol. The passenger was airlifted to a medical facility in Hartford, and her condition was reported to be critical the following Monday. The investigation is ongoing, and it is not known whether the truck driver will face any charges.

Victims who are fortunate enough to survive motorcycle accidents often suffer life-altering injuries that require long-term medical treatment and may even cause the inability to continue working. If negligence by another party can be established, injured victims and the surviving family members of deceased motorcycle accident victims may pursue claims for financial relief. Personal injury and/or wrongful death lawsuits may be filed in a Connecticut civil court where proof of negligence may lead to the entry of monetary judgments. Once liability is formally established, the court will adjudicate all documented claims for financial damages.

Source:, “Wallingford man killed in Bristol motorcycle crash“, Lauren Sievert, July 18, 2016