When pedestrians are struck by vehicles, it is not uncommon for severe injuries to be reported. In fact, car accidents involving pedestrians are often fatal. A Connecticut man was fortunate to survive such an accident when a sedan struck him on a recent Tuesday night.

According to an accident report, the officers were called to the incident that took place near the Meriden tennis courts shortly before 10:30 p.m. They found a 60-year-old pedestrian who had been knocked down, and he was rushed to the hospital in Hartford. His injuries were reported to be concentrated in the area of his neck and head.

The driver who struck the man failed to remain at the accident scene. However, a witness to the incident managed to make a note of the fleeing car’s registration number. This allowed authorities to trace the vehicle to a residence where the suspected hit-and-run driver was located in a closet in which he was hiding. Also, officers found a vehicle with damage that was consistent with the assessment of the accident.

The 25-year-old Connecticut driver was arrested, and he will now face multiple charges related to reckless driving and fleeing an accident scene. The critically injured man will likely have to face substantial medical costs and other damages. Injured victims of car accidents may pursue recovery of damages by filing personal injury claims in a civil court. Monetary judgments may be entered after negligence has been established and documented claims for emotional and financial losses have been adjudicated.

Source: courant.com, “Pedestrian Hit By Car, Critically Injured In Meriden“, Nicholas Rondinone, Aug. 17, 2016