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August 2016 Archives

Car accidents involving pedestrians can cause severe injuries

When pedestrians are struck by vehicles, it is not uncommon for severe injuries to be reported. In fact, car accidents involving pedestrians are often fatal. A Connecticut man was fortunate to survive such an accident when a sedan struck him on a recent Tuesday night.

Premises liability: 1 dead, 6 injured in 4 park accidents

Connecticut readers were likely horrified to learn about four recent amusement park accidents that occurred within five days. Each of these incidents could result in a premises liability claim. The latest tragedy involved a 3-year-old who fell off a wooden roller coaster that was built almost 80 years ago. The other accidents involved a 10-year-old boy who was killed on a waterslide, two kids hurt by a detached launch cable and three children seriously injured (including one with a brain injury) after falling from a Ferris wheel.

Pokemon Go distractions can be the cause of car accidents

The Connecticut Department of Transportation, along with police agencies, are in the middle of a crackdown operation to prevent distracted driving -- particularly the use of mobile devices while driving. Authorities say a large number of car accidents in the state result from mobile phone distractions. Police in Berlin say this is the cause of the majority of the accidents that are reported in their area.

Premises liability claim follows overdose death at music festival

Parents who allow their children to attend occasions such as music festivals in Connecticut or elsewhere would naturally want to have comfort in knowing that there will be sufficient control and medical care in the events of emergencies. Visitors to such venues will want to feel that they are entering a safe environment. Raves are sometimes known to have elements present that may endanger the lives of others due to the availability of illegal substances, and organizers may be held responsible via premises liability lawsuits if guests suffer injuries or worse.

Motorcycle accidents: Bristol crash kills 1, critically injures 1

It is not uncommon for motorcycles to go unnoticed by drivers of larger vehicles. With little or no protection, victims of motorcycle accidents often suffer catastrophic injuries or worse. Such was the case recently when a motorcycle carrying a Connecticut rider and a passenger was struck by a large truck.