In most cases, dogs are gentle, loving creatures, which is a large part of why so many Connecticut residents have pet dogs. However, sometimes seemingly docile and well-behaved dogs can unexpectedly attack. Animal bites can leave victims permanently scarred, and in some cases, bites can be fatal. Dog owners can be held accountable for medical expenses, lost wages and other losses caused by such attacks

A man in another state recently filed a lawsuit against his neighbors after such an unanticipated dog attack. Court documents indicate that the plaintiff claims to have been a legitimate visitor on the property of his neighbors on a Tuesday in June. For no apparent reason, and reportedly without any provocation, the defendants’ pet dog allegedly attacked him.

The complaint states that the plaintiff suffered severe injuries to his stomach, left thigh, nose, lips and throat. He accuses his neighbors of violating the Humane Care for Animals Act. Furthermore, he alleges the attack resulted from the negligence of the defendants. He is seeking a jury trial and a monetary judgment exceeding $50,000, plus legal and court fees and additional awards deemed appropriate by the court.

Any Connecticut resident who has suffered animal bites may be entitled to pursue recovery of damages that were caused. Proving that the pet owners were aware of the animal’s viciousness can be a complicated task, and it may be best accomplished by a skilled personal injury attorney who is experienced in the field of animal bites. With professional support and guidance, a victim may receive just compensation for financial, physical and emotional damages that were brought about by the incident.

Source:, “Trenton man blames dog owners for injuries“, July 19, 2016