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July 2016 Archives

Couple faces lawsuit after neighbor suffers animal bites

In most cases, dogs are gentle, loving creatures, which is a large part of why so many Connecticut residents have pet dogs. However, sometimes seemingly docile and well-behaved dogs can unexpectedly attack. Animal bites can leave victims permanently scarred, and in some cases, bites can be fatal. Dog owners can be held accountable for medical expenses, lost wages and other losses caused by such attacks

Car accidents: Elderly pedestrian killed in Connecticut

A Connecticut man recently lost his life when he was struck by a car. Car accidents that involve pedestrians are often fatal, and many of the crashes involve factors like speed, impairment or distraction. However, pedestrians who fail to use crosswalks may be partly to blame.

Independence Day weekend car accidents leave 2 dead, 36 injured

Independence Day Weekend has come and gone, leaving many crash victims in its wake. Connecticut State Police reported on its annual July 4th traffic enforcement operation. The number of car accidents is significantly higher than last year, but it was noted that this year the weekend included Monday, making it one day longer than the enforcement period in 2015.

What are Connecticut residents' rights in cases of animal bites?

Under Connecticut law, owners of animals are held strictly liable if their pets cause any personal injury to a person who is lawfully on their property. It is not only animal bites that can cause injuries; other instances can cause injury as well. For example, if a large dog jumps onto someone, causing that person to fall and suffer a fractured bone, the dog's owner could be held liable for those injuries. However, if that person had teased, tormented or abused the dog, the owner of the dog may not be held accountable.

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