Lives can be lost in an instant, and in many cases, fatalities on the roads follow distractions that may have lasted only seconds. This might have led to a Connecticut accident involving a car and a Harley-Davidson motorcycle. Victims of motorcycle accidents have more chances of suffering fatal injuries because they have little or no protection.

Connecticut State Police reported that they are investigating an accident that occurred on Interstate 91 shortly after midnight on a recent Monday. Reportedly, a 26-year-old driver was southbound in the center lane of the interstate in a motor vehicle. For unknown reasons, he allegedly moved over into the right lane and rear-ended a motorcycle carrying two people.

The 48-year-old passenger on the bike was thrown onto the highway’s shoulder. Both she and the 49-year-old man who operated the motorcycle suffered injuries — hers more severe that his. They were rushed to different hospitals, and while the man’s condition was reported to be serious, his female partner succumbed to her injuries at the hospital. The driver of the car suffered no injuries.

As in other fatal motorcycle accidents, a wrongful death claim may follow this Connecticut woman’s tragic death. Similarly, the driver of the car may also be held responsible for the damages suffered by the injured rider of the motorcycle. He is entitled to file a personal injury claim for medical expenses. The surviving family members of the deceased woman may file for compensation for end-of-life expenses and other financial losses. Upon establishment of negligence, the court may enter monetary judgments for both plaintiffs that may include emotional damages and financial losses.

Source:, “Milford woman killed in I-91 crash“, Frank Juliano, June 13, 2016