Dog owners in all states must have proper control of their dogs and comply with state laws related to registering and vaccinating their animals. Animal bites lead to many lawsuits in Connecticut and elsewhere. A man from another state will soon have to testify in court against the owner of a dog that attacked him.

The victim described how a pleasant bike ride turned into a nightmare when he was attacked by a dog. When he became aware of four dogs chasing after him, he tried to outrun them but gave up when one of the dogs, a Great Dane mix, bit his leg and crushed his calf muscle. The dogs were reportedly running free with no owner in sight.

The injured bicyclist called 911, and he claims to have been robbed of his active lifestyle. He said he spent a month on his back, during which time he had to lie with his legs propped up. He said he had only just progressed to moving about on crutches. The victim further alleged that the dog was not registered, nor had it been vaccinated against rabies. He also urged dog owners to comply with state laws and not allow their animals to run around unsupervised.

Connecticut victims of animal bites may incur substantial medical expenses — not only in relation to medical care but also testing for potential rabies infection. Recovery of financial, physical and emotional damages may be pursued by filing a personal injury claim in a civil court. It may be beneficial to consult with an attorney who is skilled in navigating cases related to injuries suffered in attacks by dogs or other animals.

Source:, “Man recovering from dog bite asks neighbors to follow animal laws“, Isabel Rosales, June 9, 2016