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June 2016 Archives

Motorcycle accidents: Passenger on Harley dies in rear-end crash

Lives can be lost in an instant, and in many cases, fatalities on the roads follow distractions that may have lasted only seconds. This might have led to a Connecticut accident involving a car and a Harley-Davidson motorcycle. Victims of motorcycle accidents have more chances of suffering fatal injuries because they have little or no protection.

Bicyclist sued dog owner after debilitating animal bites

Dog owners in all states must have proper control of their dogs and comply with state laws related to registering and vaccinating their animals. Animal bites lead to many lawsuits in Connecticut and elsewhere. A man from another state will soon have to testify in court against the owner of a dog that attacked him.

Giant, red Target balls subject of premises liability lawsuit

Residents of Connecticut may be familiar with the giant, red balls that are present in front of many Target stores across the country. One mother labeled these concrete balls as extreme hazards that attract children, only to cause injuries. This mother filed a premises liability lawsuit against the retailer in another state, seeking $1.6 million.

Wrongful death lawsuit may follow fatal wrong-way crash

The community of Shelton, Connecticut was shocked by the death of a former Notre Dame High School student who graduated with the Class of 2004. The man, who had served in Afghanistan as a medic in the U.S. Army, lost his life in a car accident. The circumstances surrounding this fatal accident may constitute grounds for a wrongful death lawsuit.

Premises liability and social host laws in Connecticut

Time and again, we’ve heard about this type of scenario playing out somewhere in our state: An individual goes to a party and starts drinking. He is having a great time and throwing back drink after drink. At the end of the night, he stumbled out to his vehicle and heads home. On the way home, he hits and kills a pedestrian crossing the road. It’s a horrible situation but one that unfortunately happens every year in our state.

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