Any Connecticut family who loses a loved one in a hit-and-run accident will naturally have many questions at this difficult time. Until the responsible driver is located and identified, those questions will likely remain unanswered. Also, even though a wrongful death lawsuit may be filed to pursue financial relief, this will have to wait until the driver either comes forward or is arrested.

Reportedly, this accident occurred in Hartford in the early morning of a recent Sunday when a 34-year-old man seemingly experienced mechanical problems with his car. Officials say the driver was replacing a flat tire on the car when he was struck by an unidentified vehicle. The victim was reportedly thrown a significant distance on impact, and he was declared dead at the scene of the accident.

A reconstruction team is investigating the accident while police are working on locating the responsible driver. Police do not suspect that the driver acted with intent. The public has been asked to keep a lookout for a black Nissan Maxima with severe damage to its front end.

The surviving family of this Connecticut man includes three children ages seven, 10 and 13. Once the driver who is responsible for his death is located, financial relief may be pursued. The family is entitled to retain the services of an experienced wrongful death attorney to pursue such a claim on their behalf. With sufficient proof of negligence, the court can establish financial liability and consider documented claims for emotional damages sustained and financial losses brought about by the tragedy.

Source:, “Hartford father of 3 killed in hit-and-run; Police searching for suspect“, May 9, 2016