Company owners nationwide, including in Connecticut, must be selective when they choose marketing gimmicks to promote their businesses. A steakhouse chain with outlets nationwide is facing a premises liability lawsuit involving a promotion tactic that allegedly caused serious personal injury to a customer in another state. The recent federal lawsuit alleges that discarded peanut shells on the floor of the restaurant caused the plaintiff to fall to the ground.

The lawsuit claims that over 400 restaurants belonging to this group allow peanut shells to be discarded onto the restaurant floors by patrons and bartenders. It is alleged that even if customers collect the empty shells on their tables, servers merely toss them onto the floor, causing hazardous circumstances. This Feb. 2015 accidentally allegedly fractured the kneecap of the plaintiff in four places, resulting in medical expenses, lost wages and physical impairment.

It is claimed that the company’s negligence was willful as it has faced similar claims in the past. A woman suffered a similar type of injury in 2008 after slipping on peanut shells, and she ultimately received $43,000 in damages. In 2013, another injured victim sought over $1 million after a slip-and-fall incident in one of the company’s restaurants. A confidential settlement was reached in that case in 2015.

Connecticut victims of slip-and-fall incidents caused by the negligence of property owners and/or those in possession of the property retain the right to pursue financial relief for damages sustained. A victim is free to seek the support and guidance of a premises liability attorney. Proving negligence on the part of the defendant/s is vital to the successful presentation of such a claim. Along with medical expenses, other documented financial and emotional losses will also be considered for monetary restitution once liability has been properly established.

Source:, “Iowa man sues Texas Roadhouse after slipping on peanuts“, Grant Rodgers, May 9, 2016