Being attacked by a dog can be an extremely traumatic experience, and, unfortunately, it can happen to anybody, anywhere, including here in Connecticut. It is not uncommon for victims of animal bites to suffer emotional damage along with long-term medical consequences. Police officers in another state recently rushed to the aid of a woman who was attacked by a dog.

According to an incident report, multiple calls were received by emergency services about a pit bull terrier attacking a woman on a local street. Upon arrival at the scene, officers found the large dog mauling the 27-year-old woman. In an effort to escape the dog, the victim jumped onto the police car’s hood.

However, this did not deter the dog, as it followed her onto the car and continued biting her. To prevent the dog from killing the woman, both officers shot the dog. With the two shots, the woman’s life was saved. Witnesses reported that the dog had escaped from a leash just before it attacked the woman. No information was provided about the owner of the dog.

The woman was hospitalized for treatment of multiple bite wounds. Connecticut has strict laws related to injuries caused by animal bites. Victims are free to retain the services of an experienced personal injury attorney to pursue a claim against the owner of the animal that caused the injuries. This can be a complicated process, and having professional guidance and support may lead to a monetary judgment to cover both financial and emotional damages sustained.

Source: CBS Philly, “Dog Shot And Killed By Police After Attacking Woman In Fairhill,” Mike Dougherty, May 6, 2016