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May 2016 Archives

Premises liability lawsuit follows slip-and-fall on peanut shells

Company owners nationwide, including in Connecticut, must be selective when they choose marketing gimmicks to promote their businesses. A steakhouse chain with outlets nationwide is facing a premises liability lawsuit involving a promotion tactic that allegedly caused serious personal injury to a customer in another state. The recent federal lawsuit alleges that discarded peanut shells on the floor of the restaurant caused the plaintiff to fall to the ground.

Wrongful death claim may follow when hit-and-run driver is found

Any Connecticut family who loses a loved one in a hit-and-run accident will naturally have many questions at this difficult time. Until the responsible driver is located and identified, those questions will likely remain unanswered. Also, even though a wrongful death lawsuit may be filed to pursue financial relief, this will have to wait until the driver either comes forward or is arrested.

Animal bites: Pitbull follows victim onto hood of police car

Being attacked by a dog can be an extremely traumatic experience, and, unfortunately, it can happen to anybody, anywhere, including here in Connecticut. It is not uncommon for victims of animal bites to suffer emotional damage along with long-term medical consequences. Police officers in another state recently rushed to the aid of a woman who was attacked by a dog.

Wrongful death claim may follow double-fatal car accident

The number of Connecticut lives that are lost due to drivers who are under the influence of drugs or alcohol is concerning, and regular traffic stops are arranged in efforts to lower the number of lives lost in these accidents. During a vehicle enforcement stop in Waterbury, a fatal accident occurred nearby. This crash claimed the lives of two individuals, and it may lead to a wrongful death lawsuit.