Connecticut operates under a set of laws that requires drivers — whether they are behind the wheel or a set of motorcycle handlebars — to carry a minimum amount of insurance. Not everyone does this, however. And those who do get the necessary coverage often opt for only the bare minimum.

The good news is that most people are in compliance with the law. The bad news may be that even if they are, and they get into an accident, they might come up short when trying to recoup the costs of damages and injuries suffered. Too often, drivers only carry the minimum amount called for and it’s well below what’s needed.

This can be particularly true for motorcyclists involved in crashes. What can make the situation even worse is if the at-fault individual happens to be one of those folks who hasn’t bothered to obtain any insurance at all. Or perhaps you become involved in a collision and the at-fault driver leaves the scene and is never located.

As many readers may appreciate, insurance companies tend to market themselves as being there for you when you need them. But when the time comes for delivering the help you’ve paid for, the company’s bottom line trumps the hype.

The reality is that the insurance system can be as complicated and frustrating as the legal system and that’s the last things anyone needs to confront after being in an injury-causing crash. What you need is help seeking the maximum compensation possible to make you whole, especially when the other driver can’t be held to account. Initial consultations are free in such cases, so cost need not be a concern.