Milder weather is on its way and with it comes the prospect of increasing numbers of motorcyclists on the roads of Connecticut. Southern states may have the advantage of weather that’s more conducive to motorcycling most of the year. But all states, including our own, register spikes during the spring and summer months.

With the increase comes the higher risk of motorcycle accidents. Unfortunate victims of negligent drivers tend to suffer the worst in such crashes — enduring catastrophic injury or death.

But if a new report produced by the consumer finance website Wallethub is to be believed, The Constitution State might have less to worry about in this regard than any other state. According to the results of the study, Connecticut ranks last of all the states as a recommended place for a road trip in the summer of 2016.

Researchers scoured data from a broad range of sources to come up with the rankings. Sets of information were collected from federal agencies, auto safety groups, travel advisory organizations and more. Analysts used 20 specific metric points for each state to develop their numbers and then weighted results on three dimensions — costs for lodging and gas; road quality, safety and weather; and general attractions in a given state.

As one of the original colonies, you might think that Connecticut would have plenty to offer to make summer road trips attractive. But it came in 50th. For gas and lodging costs, Connecticut came in at 50. For attractions, we came in at 49. The state’s best showing was 16 in road conditions and safety.

Whether this study has any effect on road trip traffic this summer is something we’ll have to watch.