There’s a 19-month-old girl recovering from a horrible attack by a dog. Though her mother suggests the girl appears none the worse for wear psychologically from the assault, the same can’t be said for her physically.

After three serious bites in the face, the bright-faced child now has stitches around her mouth. But what’s more worrisome is that her left eye suffered so much damage from the assault that she might not see out of it again. At last word the eye remained swollen shut and doctors don’t know if their surgical efforts will pay off.

This vicious attack didn’t happen in Connecticut, but stories like it have appeared on this blog before and there’s no reason to think that it couldn’t happen in our state again. Victims of such attacks need to know they have rights to seek recovery and compensation for their injuries.

According to news reports, the child was over at a friend’s home being watched while her mother ran errands. Her mother says she didn’t think twice about leaving the child with the friend. Her daughter knows the dog because her father once owned it. The dog also has had children around it before and never done anything like this.

The child’s mother says she doesn’t think the dog, which happens to be a pit bull, meant to harm the child. She thinks he lashed out after being startled. Despite all that, she thinks the dog should be put down because it’s impossible to say that an attack won’t happen again.

There is no indication that any consideration is being given to the possibility of pressing a personal injury claim for the dog attack. It certainly would be within the mother’s rights to pursue one for the pain and suffering her daughter and she have endured.

The dog is currently in the hands of a third-party pet care facility being observed to make sure it doesn’t have rabies. Once that question is cleared up, the local authorities will decide whether to have the dog put down.

The owner of the dog has been cited for not having the dog properly licensed and vaccinated.